Workshops are a great way to dive deep into a specific topic and leave with a plan on how to implement strategies into your life immediately. The group setting also allows participants to share struggles and successes which allow you a deeper connection with others that help you to realize that you are not alone on your journey.




Our schools are pouring into our children and community on a daily basis. I love opportunities to give back to our educations in ways that can help bring them balance and self-care. These workshops are ideal for Teacher Appreciation Week! Some examples of workshops for schools include:

• Teacher Wellness (food and stress management)

• Sugar 101 • Creating a wellness program for your school

• Easy and fun school lunches

• Family Recipe Swap Night

Teaching children how to make healthier food choices while showing them where real food comes from:

• Trips to a local farm

• Classroom presentations

• In school field trips, demonstrations about food

If you don’t see a topic that fits your needs, please email me here and let’s chat about a customized workshop.



Over the years, corporations have become very aware that happy and healthy employees perform better and miss work less often. They are greater contributors to their companies and co-workers too. There have been many initiatives to educate employees about being aware of and an active participant in their health, such as:

• Stress management

• Healthy choices while traveling

• Easy food swaps

• Brown Bag It-bringing easy and healthy lunches and snacks from home

• Sugar 101

• Get Moving! Simple ways to stay active with a desk job

• Recipe Swap

• Meal planning

• Weigh less, Live More

• Eat for Energy

• Sleep Better

• Journaling

• Goal and intention setting

If you don’t see a topic that fits your needs, please email me here and let’s chat about a customized workshop.

Small Groups

Small Groups:

• Essential Oils 101 (can include a make and take item)

• Busy Families: Meal planning

• Healthy choices when you are on the go

• Whole 30 Food choices for an autoimmune condition such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

• Gut Health and Immunity Fermenting Veggies (make and take)