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I was at the orthodontist today waiting for my son to get his braces on and was trying to stay entertained between my phone, magazines and the tv in the waiting room.  As a health coach, I really enjoy watching cooking shows and there is always some tip or trick I can learn to apply in my own kitchen or with clients.  However, in two separate shows today (it was a long appointment) I found waves of different emotions washing over me.  The people cooking on the show were using things like white bread, cream cheese, and store-bought ranch packets.  What’s so bad about that you might ask.  Everything is bad about it!  It contradicts everything I teach, everything I stand for and believe in and it infuriates me that these types of food are what is modeled day in and day out for people.  No wonder the vast majority of society are overweight, sick, tired, anxious, depressed and bombarded with various other medical conditions.  I know you are probably thinking, it’s just 3 ingredients.  It’s not just these 3 ingredients, these are just a small example of a wider spread epidemic.  At the end of my son’s appointment, we proceed to get have the information session where they talk to us about brushing, flossing and what not to eat and all that.  The women (and I am not picking on her) advises to stay away from hard chips but something like a Cheeto puff would be okay.  Not in my universe are Cheeto puffs okay.  Yet another example of where we have become so blind to what we are putting in our bodies.  Want another example?  You should see the handouts and advice that clients have shown me from very well known organizations and agencies.  Supposed experts in their fields of heart health and diabetes, the foods they recommend are ridiculous for the average person let alone someone with a serious medical condition.  No one should be eating margarine, snack crackers, sugar free cookies, white flour and the like. Last but not least (and then I will get off my soapbox for now) are all the “quick fix” methods that are marketed toward people.  This especially makes me livid.  People who want to be healthier are in a delicate place mentally and emotionally and many of these companies falsely promise unrealistic results.  Even if a person achieves results, they will not be maintainable until the food, mindset and lifestyle issues are addressed. However, no one tells them this and they try the magic pill only to have it not work.  They have failed again.  Do you know what that does do a person psychologically?  That is why it makes me so angry.  Now, some products out there are powerful TOOLS and should be viewed as such.  It is like having a toolbox and each tool is ONE piece of the total picture of optimal health and wellness.  No one piece ever holds the answer 100%. This is what balance is all about.

This is why I do what I do…I help people wade through the mountains of information and marketing out in the world to understand that at the end of the day (in general) you must eliminate processed foods and excess sugar and eat more lean protein, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains. I teach people that a one-size-fits-all way of eating doesn’t work for each person because they are beautifully unique and so is their body.  I gently guide them on a well laid out path that originates with their specific health goals and with small sustainable changes in food, mindset, and lifestyle they achieve their goals.  It may be slower than a magic bullet but the key it that it is maintainable in the real world, for the rest of their lives.

In love and health,

Jessica Flegel, INHC

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