“I have some pretty talented friends in many aspects of business. This girl…this girl excelled in the same industry that I work in and knew she had to leave to follow her true passion for helping people become the best version of themselves.


Follow her page for some pretty awesome health, nutrition, and wellness info and a little uplifting motivation along the way!”


                                                   Jennifer Radcliff Gouffon  

                                                                              on Jessica Flegel

                                       “I came to Empowered Transformations because I was broken by food. I know what I needed to do, but I could not do it alone. I needed some insight. I found Jessica while in chiropractic care and never thought I would find my answered prayer in such an unlikely place. I embarked on this program thinking I was going to lose a bunch of weight and learn how to eat and that was it. What I found was a healing process that I didn’t know I desperately needed. I had to heal emotionally before I could do anything else.

Empowered Transformations has done just that – taught me to heal myself. Jessica is one of the most empathic and caring people I have ever met. Her tools and talks have gotten my brain and heart where it needs to be to start making the right food decisions and find that path of wellness I sought when I started. Thank you for giving me hope and the tools I need to move forward in my wellness journey.”
                                                                             -Shannon McCorkle

“Before I came to Empowered Transformations I was not feeling my best. I had slowly gained weight and was at the point where I needed help. When I met Jessica, I thought, “This lady is so vibrant, energetic (at 6 am), and beautiful! her skin is perfect!” I said to myself… I want to be like that! I want to be energetic, eat well so my skin is pretty too. I shared my goals (eat less carbs, add more protein, eating better, etc.) and she immediately started to help me. Jessica gave me information about what foods are better for me, substitutions, and told me that taking things slowly so they become more of a lifestyle is the best way. I began to incorporate her advice and started to eat better foods. Three months later, I am happy, feel great, and have lost 14 pounds! I am currently incorporating exercise as part of my health regimen. Who knows the many benefits I will experience in the near future. Empowered Transformations has truly transformed my life. I feel better, happier, (look thinner), and most importantly, I am healthier!”

                                                                                                -Stephanie Beasley
“I have had the privilege of working with Jess in a a number of capacities.  She has presented numerous workshops for our health and wellness program where I am employed and our staff has learned so much from her!  Jess’s recipes are so easy and DOABLE!!!  I have 3 small children and they loved all of her snack and drink recipes she has shared with us.  Thank you Jess for encouraging the busy mom and providing other healthy alternatives for the kiddos!!!
                                                                                                      -Tiffany Carroll
“I left today’s goal setting and intentions workshop feeling an emotional connection with other women.  The exercises made me realize all of my challenges are going to be easy to overcome.  I felt a sense of  urgency to get started.”
                                                                                          -workshop participant