New Year, New Goals


Happy New Year!

First, I want to welcome you to 2018 and encourage you to make it your best year yet! Face what is holding you back and decide, once and for all, to put yourself and your wellness into first place priority in your life.  It is not selfish and it truly allows you to bring 100% into your work, home and relationships.  The old cliche is true; you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Most people starting off a new year have goals in mind to begin January 1.  Many revolve around food and fitness and while this is awesome, how many are still going strong months later?  Unfortunately, studies show that by February, 80% of people have already failed to keep their resolutions.  The big question is why?

I personally believe it is for several reasons that I will share with you in order to empower you to be successful this year.

1) They go it alone:  Accountability is vital for success. Hire a health coach like me (shameless plug), find an exercise buddy or accountability partner that you check in with for 5 minutes each day.  It is much harder to let someone else down vs. ourselves.  Bring someone along with you on your journey and see how you can each benefit one another in the process.

2)  They don’t write it down: A goal not written down is simply a dream.  It is imperative that we write down our goals and have them around us constantly to keep us focused and in check.  It can be a journal, post it notes, pop up reminders on your smartphone, vision board…there are countless tools to get our goals out of our heads and written down.  That is the very first step in making them a reality in your life.

3)  They don’t prepare: You cannot be successful with a goal without the proper planning and preparations.  For example, if your goal is to eat better but you have not taken the junk food out of the fridge and pantry, you are far less likely to be successful.  Same goes for any other goal, you must first write it down and then document a plan of execution. What actionable steps will you take (daily, weekly, etc) to move yourself toward your goal?  Take a calendar and break down your day into buckets of time in which you will work on your goal with total focus.

4)  They don’t have daily activities to help keep them on track: To achieve a goal I already mentioned about keeping it in front of you constantly.  From there you want to have daily activities to keep yourself focused and accountable.  Some ideas can include; daily 5 minute accountability partner phone call or text, morning or evening journaling, and to do lists (be careful here, I like to have the goal broken so far down into baby steps that your “to do” list for the day may have 1-3 things that you can get accomplished).

5)  They don’t re-evaluate as they go:  Don’t feel that just because you put time and effort into a goal and it’s not working…that you have to stick it out so you don’t fail. Don’t force it. Sometimes priorities shift and goals need to change a bit and that’s completely okay.  Make time to check in with yourself and make sure your goals are aligned with your long term objectives.

I wish you much love, light and abundance in 2018.

Jessica Flegel, INHC

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