My Promise To You

My promise to you


My first promise to you is that I will meet you where you are.  What makes me uniquely qualified to do so is that I was once where you are now.  I am you, just a few steps and tools ahead of you which allow me to share the wealth of knowledge gained both from my journey and my education.  I provide perspective.

I also promise to foster a judgment-free atmosphere.  No exceptions, ever.

You will feel safe to share intimate details with me because you know that is the only way we can make breakthroughs to free you from what currently holds you in bondage. (food, mindset, etc).

I promise to be your number one cheerleader and to stand up for you when you sometimes forget how to stand up and celebrate yourself.

I promise to teach you how to love yourself and understand that you are amazing, strong and so very worthy of doing this work to improve your health and your life.

I promise that, when need be, I will lovingly hold you accountable.  I will help you get out of your own way until you develop the tools and skills to consistently do it yourself.

I promise that you will always get the real and authentic me in my coaching and that I will always give you 100% in our work together.


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