Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Good morning!

Speaking of mornings, how do you start yours each day? Do you have a morning routine or ritual before you head out the door?  The most important question, do you eat a nutritious breakfast each morning?

Unfortunately, many people either do not eat breakfast consistently or they are eating a sugar and carb dense meal they call breakfast.

So, let’s BREAK down breakfast!

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

In one word yes! But why?

  1. Breakfast fuels you and prepares you for the day.
  2. It sets your metabolism for the rest of day. (will you be storing fat or burning fat?)
  3. Sets you up to eat healthier through the day and not over do it at other meals.
  4. Helps keep glucose levels stable
  5. Helps to curb cravings
  6. Breakfast influences how we perform mentally and physically during the day (focus, energy, motivation)

I am not hungry first thing in the morning.

I understand this struggle. I was here too, early in my own journey. First, if you are not hungry within an hour of waking that is a key indicator that your hormones are out of whack.  Secondly, breakfast doesn’t have to be a huge meal if you are carefully selecting the food you eat for optimum nutrition and fuel for your body.  Start small and work your way up as you go.  Don’t force yourself to eat more than you feel you can.  Perhaps reduce the amount of caffeine you consume first thing in the morning too, as that can suppress your appetite.  Also watch that you are not eating too big of a dinner or too close to bedtime. Remember that your body has just fasted for 6-8 hours and we need to wake up our metabolism.  Start with a handful of nuts or berries or a glass of water and you should start to feel hungry.  Lastly, it really is just a matter of retraining our brain and body though our behavior changes.

What should I be eating?

Ideas for breakfast:

  1. Overnight oats (be sure to add in nuts and berries)
  2. Mini Egg Frittatas (these are awesome make ahead options and can be eaten on the go)
  3. Sweet potato, ground turkey and egg hash
  4. Plain greek yogurt, drizzle of honey with nuts and berries on top
  5. Dave’s Killer Bread toasted with almond butter and apple slices
  6. Dave’s Killer Bread toasted with hummus and avocado slices
  7. Homemade breakfast bars (YOU control the ingredients)
  8. Warm banana bowl (sliced banana, almond milk, unsweetened coconut, cinnamon warmed in the microwave or on the stove top)
  9. LEFTOVERS from lunch or dinner.  Breakfast does not have to be traditional breakfast food as long as you are getting protein, healthy fasts and the proper complex carbs

How do I get starting being more consistent with eating breakfast?

As with any behavior modification, start small. If you don’t ever eat breakfast, commit to doing it 3 days a week to start and then build up from there.  Experiment to find the foods that you like best for breakfast (that fuel the body…no commercial cereals full of sugar or frozen prepared breakfast foods, no fast food…not healthy and not the fuel the body needs).  You also must plan and prep to remain consistent and to be successful.  Carve out time weekly to plan your breakfasts for the following week.  Don’t give yourself any room to make excuses as to why you couldn’t eat breakfast.

Most importantly, be gentle and loving to yourself as you work to change habits for a healthier you.  Do not let the negative mental chatter derail you from your goals.  You are worth being happy and healthy!

It is my goal to bring you relevant information and tips that you can implement today to improve your health and quality of life.

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