Giving Back


As passionate as I am about food and wellness, I am equally focused on giving back to my local community.  I believe in making a difference in people’s lives and that I am called to work toward the greater good of all people.

Currently, I am working with my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop, McGee’s Crossroads Elementary teacher wellness and dyslexia advocacy at the county and state level.







Girl Scout Troop 1609:

I was asked to host a meeting where I had the opportunity to teach the girls about healthy food choices, gratitude journaling, and embracing their uniqueness.  We also had fun trying new foods including pomegranate arils, Brussel sprout/kale salad, and spaghetti squash spaghetti.


McGee’s Crossroads Elementary Teacher Wellness:

This year I was invited by the school PE teacher, Tiffany Carroll, to partner with her in hosting monthly wellness events for the teachers at no charge.  So far we have done yoga, a Sugar Blues class with a tasting of healthy sweet treats and coming up next is a walk/run with a  homemade electrolyte drink. It is such a blessing to be able to give back to the teachers that pour into our children on a daily basis. It makes my heart happy.


Dyslexia Advocacy:

I had to privilege and pleasure of speaking at the Johnston County School Board meeting on November 22.  I shared our personal story of our son’s journey with dyslexia, both the ups and downs.  I shared with the board that we are one of 11 states left without any formal legislation regarding dyslexia and that our students are getting marginalized and many times lost in the system.  Parents and students are struggling for answers and many schools across the state are not trained or equipped to support them.  I challenged the school board to continue on their positive path of improvement for our schools and look at implementing some protocols for students that are dyslexia or may be dyslexic.  I am excited to share that the superintendent and board are as eager to get started as I am.  I will be working alongside them as we begin the process of putting systems in place to help all students.

Here is a video from Superintendent Dr. Renfrow:

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