My Approach


You have made the decision that your health must be a priority. You are done with excuses and are ready to get to work. Now you just need a partner to guide you to making it happen and that’s me! Below you will find information about each coaching package offered. While each has a general structure, please remember that the way we work together is completely customized to you and your goals. There is no “one size-fits-all” at Empowered Transformations.



There is no one-size-fits-all program when it comes to health, nutrition and wellness. One person’s food can truly be another person’s poison. This is why I take a individualized approach with each client. Having been educated on over 100 dietary theories we will explore options that align with your health goals and beliefs. I will teach you how to regularly check in with your body to evaluate if a particular food is working for or against you.

Primary Food

These are elements of our life that greatly impact our wellness. They are: career, spirituality, exercise and relationships.

Secondary Food

This is the actual food that you eat to nourish your body.


I will be your partner on this journey. It is my job to challenge you and hold you accountable as we work toward your health goals. Most people know exactly what they need to do but have a difficult time achieving results on their own. Together we will create specific and measurable goals and track your progress during the program. By making small, sustainable changes you will see results and gain the confidence to maintain key lifestyle changes.

Encouragement & Motivation

I will be your number one cheerleader! My role is to help you get out of your own way and to celebrate your wins, both big and small. I will be there to motivate and encourage you every step of the way.


We will explore how thinking and mindset affect overall health. We will dig in and identify how your thought patterns have either served you or hindered your progress in the past. I will show you how mindset can directly impact the food you put in your mouth and visa versa. It is a beautiful balancing act that can bring peace and harmony in your life.

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