Are You Ready?


There is a 4 step process that people go through when making changes to their lives.

Pre-contemplation– You may not even realize there is a problem or issue.
Contemplation– You are on the fence. You are willing to consider that there is an issue but you are not totally convinced.
Determination– You are now committed to change and ready to make preparations for an action plan.
Action– This is where you set the wheels in motion. You have set goals, made an action plan and are now doing the work and taking the action to implement the plan.

This questionnaire is designed to see what stage you are currently in regarding making changes to positively impact your health. Why is this important? It allows you to get very real about whether or not you are ready and committed to making changes.



I cannot help you if you are not determined, willing and open to do whatever it takes to be successful in changing both your mindset and the way you eat. To truly BE READY you must be prepared to get to WORK. That sounds so serious and while we do need to take this process seriously please understand that I will take you through this transition with love, humor, and fun.


Please take a few moments to take the assessment to see if you are ready to work with me.


1. Which statement best describes your current thoughts about eating healthy?
a. The flavor of my food is more important than nutritional value.
b. I have tried to eat healthy in the past but it never sticks.
c. I know that eating a more balanced and nutrition diet would benefit me.
d. I have already taken the beginning steps to implement healthier foods in my diet and want to do more to help my health.

2. If you are overweight, what are your thoughts on losing weight?
a. I know I need to lose weight, even my doctor has said so, but I don’t think it’s a big deal.
b. I know I need to lose weight and I am trying to figure out how to do it.
c. I have a plan and intend to start within the next week.
d. I have been exercising regularly and eating better and I am starting to see some results.

3. When at the grocery store…
a. I make a decision based solely on flavor, cost or if I have coupons.
b. I look at the healthier items but have not yet purchased any.
c. I know I should choose foods that are better for me, but I am not sure where to start or what to buy so I just stick with the same items.
d. I go to the store with a list, stick to it, and leave with bags of 90% healthy items.

4. Home cooked meals…
a. What are those?
b. Are healthier than eating out and I want to start cooking more at home but I am unsure of where to start.
c. Are more work but I recognize the importance of cooking at home and I have started to experiment in the kitchen.
d. Are the norm for me. I have healthy snacks in my purse, pack my lunch and prepare 90% of my meals at home.

5. Empty calories like soda, dessert, and snack foods are…
a. Yummy! I eat them often.
b. Call to me constantly…I know that they are not good for me but I cannot resist.
c. Things that I realize I need to eat less of and I have made some small changes.
d. Very rarely consumed. I am aware of how bad they are for my body and substitute healthier foods most of the time.

6. Which of the following best describes your current health status?
a. I have no clue.
b. I am aware I have health issues but have yet to take action to address them.
c. I have been working with a practitioner(s) to get a status on my health so we can formulate a plan.
d. I have a plan and am currently taking action to improve my health.

7. Fruits and veggies…
a. What are those?
b. I eat some but not enough.
c. I lack consistency in getting enough each day.
d. They are my main food groups! I regularly get multiple servings of each on a daily basis and I am constantly trying out new varieties.

8. What statement best describes your thoughts on exercise?
a. Exercise is not a priority for me.
b. I have tried a few things but have yet to find something that I enjoy.
c. I have had periods where I was consistent with exercise but it never seems to stick.
d. I understand the benefits that exercise bring me and I consistently fit it in at least 3 days a week.

9. What are your thoughts on stress?
a. Stress is a part of life and there is nothing I can do about it.
b. I know that I am under a lot of stress and that it is not good for me, but I don’t know how to manage it.
c. I realize stress is a part of life and I have found a few tools to help me better deal with it.
d. I am a stress ninja. I know how to effectively manage my stress through things like yoga, meditation, journaling or exercise.

10. What statement best describes your thoughts on how mindset (what and how you think and your ability to control it) impacts your overall health?
a. My thoughts just happen…I have no control.
b. I have not heard of mindset before but it sounds interesting.
c. I realize that how I think about things impacts my life but I have not done anything to implement it in my life.
d. I have done some reading or other work in the area of mindset but want to learn more.
11. On a scale of 1-10, what is your commitment level to making positive changes in your life?
a. 1-3
b. 4-6
c. 6-8
d. 9-10


Awesome! Now tally up your points based on your answers and let’s see if you are READY!


1-14 points – Eh, still lukewarm:
This sounds good in theory but I am comfortable where I am not really ready to make any changes yet.

That’s okay! I will be here when you are ready.

14-24 points – Want to commit to making changes but not ready yet:
I am contemplating making some changes but I am not ready to commit to anything yet.

I totally get it. I would suggest diving into my free materials, following me on Facebook and when you are ready…I will be here.

24-34 points – I think I am ready but I need just a wee bit more convincing this is right for me:
I KNOW that I need to make some changes to reclaim my health and find balance in my life and I feel like you really get me but I have some additional questions to really be convinced.

Okay, great! Give me a call and let’s chat! OR, schedule a complimentary (get acquainted call but don’t want to call it that) so we can meet and I can address your questions and we can learn more about each other and how we can work together.

34-44 points – Ready to get to WORK
Let’s go. The time is now. I am ready!

If this is you, I encourage you to take a look at the programs I offer and decide how you would like to get started.

OK, Let’s do this!