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Why I Do What I do

    I was at the orthodontist today waiting for my son to get his braces on and was trying to stay entertained between my phone, magazines and the tv in the waiting room.  As a health coach, I really enjoy watching cooking shows and there is always some...

New Year, New Goals

  Happy New Year! First, I want to welcome you to 2018 and encourage you to make it your best year yet! Face what is holding you back and decide, once and for all, to put yourself and your wellness into first place priority in your life.  It is...

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Good morning! Speaking of mornings, how do you start yours each day? Do you have a morning routine or ritual before you head out the door?  The most important question, do you eat a nutritious breakfast each morning? Unfortunately, many people either do not eat breakfast consistently or they...

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Shannon M.

Shannon M.

“I came to Empowered Transformations because I was broken by food. I know what I needed to do, but I could not do it alone. I needed some insight. I found Jessica while in chiropractic care and never thought I would find my answered prayer in such an unlikely place.

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